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Ann Handley

Blogging may not make you rich, but it sure does make you popular, huh? Congrats on all the great coverage and on all your new friends!

Paul McEnany

Congratulations, Roger! It looks like you're kickin' a little ass...

Mark McGuinness

Thanks Roger - a tip of the hat to you, from over the water!


Agree! "Tip o' the hat" to you Roger! Congratulations!


So if we are to get "Tip o' the hat's" will we also be seeing wags of your finger? Or I guess just Whacks to the side of the head :-)

Got my ball today - already a sensation in the office! I'm going to have fun playing with it over the coming months and no doubt years. I may even try to drum up some business in the UK when I return at Christmas....

Even better, what a great gift idea! Great, that's Christmas sorted then!

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