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Daniel Scocco

Guy is a really smart person, but in my opinion one of his best qualities is his sense of humor (I have not met him personally but I have watched a couple of his keynotes).

Once you said “there’s a close relationship between the “ha-ha” of humor and the “aha” of creative discovery!”, and I guess the rule applies for him.

David Armano

Ha! Great stuff! I love the photo.

Roger, you are such a natural—Seems like you've been blogging for years now.

Maybe you were, in a less traditional sense. :)

Thanks for sharing, you big shot you.

Roger von Oech

Daniel: I agree about the importance of a sense of humor. It certainly cuts down barriers -- whether it's between a speaker and an audience or just two people drinking coffee.

David: Yes, it was a fun morning.

Paul McEnany

I second DA. Roger is now officially a hot shot blogger. :)

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