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Just discovered your blog via Logic and Emotion, and like you I've just started my own blog, along with a new company attached. I really just wanted to say thanks. I've used Whack on the Side of the Head all my career (actually, I've never had a career, just a series of really interesting jobs.) Anyway, to a large extent you made it possible. So once again thanks.


Amazing coincidence... you're right Roger! Or maybe was it just the way it had to be. ; )

Maybe some connections on internet work like in our brains. The links we create via blogging are maybe like neurons dendrites and axons. Once they are identified... these roads become speedways and ideas travel faster.

As to thinking like a kid, I'd say there must be a link between opportunities and curiosity. Every time we follow our curiosity, and are open to reconsider things from scratch... then we are ready to think like a kid (again).

PS : Great interview on David's Logic+ Emotion. : )

Roger von Oech

Thanks for your comments, Luc and Simon.

One place where I get to "think like a kid" every day is the swimming pool at Masters workout. Between 11:45 and 1 pm, I feel like a 12 & under again (as do the other "adults" I swim with). I come out feeling refreshed.

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