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Hi Joey
I agree with Roger that you "show a lot of wisdom and perspective for your age." Having said that, please allow me to be blunt on these points:

1) Count your Internet blessings
The fact that this exchange is taking place shows that your education is no longer "Taiwanese." You are lucky to be in this period of time when education is stretching far beyond the classroom. Don't think the future people are luckier - we all have our luck.

2) Don't blame the environment
Not because the environment is blameless, but because you start being negative.

Some background about myself: I received my pre-undergrad education in Singapore. In my time, Singapore placed huge emphases on math, science and learning two languages. Students typically grumble about the restrictive environment and supposed rote learning. I was offered a chance to enroll in Singapore's "Gifted Education Program" that allows kids to learn at their own pace, more creatively etc. My mom and I decided to decline the offer because we felt I would do as well in the typical Singaporean education.

Currently, I'm doing my masters at MIT, researching airlines. Even at a place like MIT, where creativity is encouraged and even built into the education, I sometimes feel stifled by some procedures here and bored by some classes. I don't blame MIT, and see it that I'm ultimately responsible for myself.

I'll be happy to communicate with you via e-mail. And thanks to my Singaporean education, you can email me in either English or Chinese.


Just to make my suggestions a bit more concrete:

Think/act positive, learn by interacting with people through the Internet.

Find any project you're passionate about and devote your time to it. You're more free than you think you are (especially true when you look back next time). What you'll learn from this project will help you in many other things that come your way in the future.

My personal project right now is to learn about the world through studying architecture (that is not my field of research in school).

Portrait Artist

You must have been a real mentor and an inspiring teacher that’s why you earned high respect from your students. I wish you were my Painting teacher. I must have learned a lot from you.

By the way, may I ask for your blog which is written in English? I bet there are a lot of informative stuff in there. Don’t worry I know Chinese.


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