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Liz Strauss

Gosh, Roger! It's amazing how well you listen and write at the same time! You could have had an entire other calling as a reporter. My mind was so busy picturing everything you said. I was there with you word for word, swimming when you talked about swimming, in India when you talked about that, speaking when you were there.

What a wonderful experience it was. Thank you for sharing those parts of your life with me!

Mark McGuinness

Liz is delightful - charming and interested on e-mail or the phone, and she somehow brings the same quality of attention to her (very long) comments threads. There can be hundreds of comments yet she always remembers everyone individually, and when she responds to your comment you feel like you're the only person in the room while she's talking to you.

Kent Blumberg

How cool is this? One of my favorite bloggers, Liz Strauss, introduces me to the blog of one of my favorite authors, Roger von Oech. My set of Whack Pack cards is heavily used, and my copies of "A whack in the side of the head" and "A kick in the seat of the pants" are dog-eared, worn and much loved.

Phil Gerbyshak

Thanks for the link Roger. I really enjoy your books and whack pack. My buddy Thom Quinn ( introduced me to your stuff a while back and I've been a fan ever since. Nice to see you in the blogosphere.

Kathy Sierra

This really makes my week! I'm so honored for this double-treat:
* being mentioned as a favorite blog by someone I admire (Liz)
* having it appear on a blog by someone I've been a fan of (and owe a lot to) for frickin' ever (Roger)

Thanks and cheers,
I'm so happy you're both blogging and I get to learn more from you.


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