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Getting Ideas;

1.When I m lying on my bed during bedtime.
2.When I woke up and spend some times recalling my dreams and play with them,cool!
3.When I m sitting on a bowl doing big stuff.
4.When I m talking to people.Communications best stimulate my mind to come up with ideas.
5.When I m a joker. Haha! crazy ideas always come.

My style...I think enjoy. When I enjoy I could be very creative. If I'm not interested, well just see as it is.

When I am good I see the bad side, when I m bad I see the good side. Yin Yang is related very closely. I choose to see a subject deeply from different angles whether it's good one or bad one.

Always be care-free but responsible.


getting ideas:
1. browsing... a city, a park, a museum, a motorway, the web....
2. waiting at airports
3. studying theory

creative style:
1. rough sketch on a saturday in a coffee house
2. finalizing weekdays under deadline pressure
3. always working with a theoretical frame
4. replay, replay, replay
5. replay, replay, replay

1. intuitive - distractible
2. flow - flowing away (weak finisher)
3. daring - insecure

Liz Strauss

I change things. I walk around. I dance and wander.

I listen to music. I listen to silence to hear the music inside it.

I look at beautiful photos. I look outside my window.

I talk to creative people, especially anyone under 7 years old.

I revisit (in my mind) all of the places of my childhood, my backyard, my bedroom, my basement, my kindergarten class to remember making thing up and imagining.

I think about words like wonder, joy, friends, and chocolate.

I imagine what the inside of my brain might look today -- a library, a bookshelf, a giant bunch drawers, a house with lots of rooms, a place to go exploring like we did when we were kids.

I know that I'm just playing.

I don't let any critics come along -- even the one that might live in my head.

I come to visit Roger, because I like him.

Cam Beck

My style can probably be summed up best as "problem solver."

1. Trust, but verify. It's important to challenge both familiar and unfamiliar knowledge. Revisit the fact and justification for your assumptions. The scholarship and mental exercise necessary to accomplish this strengthens both the idea and its creator. One must be careful to not become obstinate for its own sake, though.
2. Seek out competing ideas. Try to understand the reasoning behind them to their base assumptions, even if the assumptions are incorrect. Try not to get frustrated when there is no obvious answer.
3. Observe. Take some time to stop talking.
4. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Lacking compassion is the surest way to squash others' creativity and spirit -- a behavior that is sure to be returned tenfold. Being right is all well and good, but one cannot accomplish anything worthwhile from an interpersonal standpoint unless he is also respected.
5. Goof off constructively. The best solutions often come with the ability to mentally cross reference the principles behind two seemingly unrelated ideas. Look for opportunities to do this, but watch for going too far down the unbeaten path that you forget what you were trying to find in the first place.

Timothy Johnson

Creativity comes at the strangest times and places for me... sitting in traffic, listening to my daughters, watching my dog... it's all fair game.

Loved your comment about not falling in love with your own creativity. Going through that right now with feedback on my second book. It's a painful process but very necessary.

Roger von Oech

Timothy: The idea of "Not falilng in love with ideas" is especially important in writing. Not always easy to do, but important.

Cam: Nice pithy list. Your #1 echoes Ronald Reagan. Your #2: "Try not to get frustrated when there is not obvious answer." Boy, is that hard; how do you manage the frustration — or do you use its energy to motivate you?

Liz: You are fortunate to be blessed with an excellent memory! And doubly lucky to be able to playful "call up" these images.

Anon: I think we're all operating with that kind of inner tension!

Kenny: Always good to "see the opposite" as in your reverse "yin/yang" technique.


I dance. I scribble. I wear black and pretend to be Johnny Cash. I do the opposite as to what THEY would expect and I copy from the people I respect. Some people ask 'What would Jesus do?' I ask 'What would Indiana Jones do?' and it gets me through the night.

Excellent resource, by the way. Thank you.


That's a great post and the comments make it just excellent:)

Anon: That's not so often I meet people like me who use theory to get some inspiration. Some people say that theory restricts you. I think it gives you a frame and you can play within it or you can break it or you can use another frame. It's up to you.

Thanks for inspiration to all:)

Alicia Fleischer

I have always thought of myself as creative but, I lack so much self confidence. I evaluate fragrances and I need to always have an open mind for new creations and ideas. To take the ordinary into a new place where by adding (or subtracting in some cases) it moves into a whole new place and is new again.


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Steel Libido

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I imagine what the inside of my brain might look today (a library, a bookshelf, a giant bunch drawers, a house with lots of rooms, a place to go exploring like we did when we were kids.)


"I searched into myself"... a wonderful practice. It is what I practice as a psychotherapist, and also what I am trying to do in my own quest to tap into my creative mind.

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Self confidence also plays a key role in our creativity. Like the piece mentioned above, many of us shoot down our own ideas in the early stages before they get a chance to develop.

It helps to be positive and build your confidence in your own ability and creativity.

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