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Huh! This isn't true for me. If I am even the slightest bit hungry, all I can think of is the hunger; I get cranky and I can't focus on the project at hand.

Roger von Oech

Hi Tiara! Thanks for stopping by. You've got some interesting blogs.

I guess hunger affects people in different ways. If I'm famished — and my blood sugar level is low — I'm not very effective. But I function pretty well when I'm moderately hunger.

If I have an important presentation to make, I try to make sure that I've eaten at least three hours beforehand.

David Armano


This brings me back to High School. I used to Wrestle, which means we "sucked weight" (translation, starving ourselves to make a lower weight class). And through it all you had to push your body to the limit.

Thinking back, I remember being grumpy but also more alert and in-tune with things.

Also, there are many religious practices that involve fasting. This is something with roots to the ancient world. I think they were on to something as the intention of fasting was to bring spiritual clarity. Also, I've heard medical reports that talk about physical benefits (detox). while staying well hydrated of course.

Maybe I'll try it (after the holidays of course).


Roger von Oech

Hey David,

Why not kick off '07 with a month o' fasting? It would give you a lot of hallucinatory insights you could share with all of us!

David Armano

The hallucinatory diet? I like the sound of that Roger!

Jason Drohn

This is absolutely true for me. I do my best work when I am slightly hungry. I also get the most done..

Niko Nyman

We just talked about this with a colleague (when we were very hungry). Our completely non-scientific two-person focus group came to the conclusion that when somewhat hungry, you always aim to do "that ONE thing before going to lunch". Because of the hunger, you more effectively zone out distractions and concentrate on getting the thing done -- because THEN you get to eat.

But after that one thing might you often notice another one thing that just might be small enough to do before lunch, too.... and so on. Starving becomes flow. ;)


The only thing I can find wrong with this theory is that if it were true then supermodels would be geniuses.

But then what do I know? I've just had lunch...

Cam Beck

I don't remember whether I heard it on Christian talk radio or in church, but I heard one time from someone who was not an advocate of traditional fasting that it's best to show up at church just a little bit hungry... The premise was that it makes you more receptive and eager.

Nice thoughts.


Islam teaches "Eat when you are hungry. Stop before you are full".

Jack Frend

Maimonides suggests thinking of your stomach in thirds. One third for food, one third for drink, and one third should be left empty.

Also, personal experience and verification by many friends who have done extended cleansing fasts has shown that mental clarity is extremely sharp when the body isn't expending energy on digestion.


Oh man! this is fantastic information!!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing this!! no wonder I cant concentrate in any of my classes after lunch and cant study much at night after dinner.
Probly why my aunts, who fast twice a week, are so intelligent.


I believe this might just be true as I have myself seen the results. I generally take tests almost empty stomachs and have seen that I can write better answers without pausing to think or recall in between.


This is true, but i cannot stand that kinda feeling you get whe your hungry. My problem is that if i dont eat a lot i feel like i could "puke". Dunno why...happens to you as well?



Hungry? naa...i dont think so, it think that we dont suffer from hunger...its just a mind thing


Mmm, this is very interesting. When I was a kid I was always told I should eat a proper meal before an exam. Perhaps that wasn't a good idea. I know that if I eat a lot of carbs (eg a pizza) I feel tired afterwards so obviously learning would be impaired from that perspective.


This is true for me, I used to have neglectful parents that wouldn't feed me, and my memory was incredible. Also I would have a lot of creative ideas to get money and get food. And then...I'd go stupid.
It might also be cause when you've had a big meal, blood is away from your brain participating in the digestion process.

Live voetbal

It's so amazing that they can do those test on mouses and know how we would react on it.


This is probably true. In my experience whenever I take a test a bit hungry, or even studying, I have more concentration and focus at my disposal. It's kinda obvious that your eyes and stomache are connected with a "stomache full, eyes closed musle" :)

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