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Still has to be 2001. I have seen most of Kubrick's films (not in a two-week period, mind you!) and 2001 remains at the top of my list.

Roger von Oech

Hi Will! As I mentioned in my post, 2001 blew me away when I first saw it in 1968.

But then a curious thing happened. I saw it again on TV in 1974 and I was disappointed. Probably for two reasons: 1) the small screen didn't do justice to the images; and, 2) 2001 had become a cliche of itself. Let me explain: so many others (TV commercials, programs, films) used similar special effects in the intervening period that the original — through no fault of its own — lost its freshness. Or, maybe I should say that 2001 was so original that it created a demand for copies.

However, when I've seen 2001 again in the past decade (and recently), I've liked it a lot!


Hi, I like the opening of clockwork orange.
keyframes(characters) of Shining,
Mr, intelligent in 2001, scriptwise Dr, strangelove.
Overall score is 2001 is the best considering when it was made.

Daniel Scocco

Favorite films from Kubrick: clockwork orange and 2001.

Other favorite films you would probably like:
-Sunset Boulevard (billy wilder)
-Touch of Evil (welles)
-Bicycle thieves (vittorio de sica)
-Les enfants du paradis (marcel carne)


Your post has actually introduced me to Stanley Kubrick's films. I live in India and had not seen any of Kubrick's movies before(though I'd read about him in magazines), as most of his movies were made before I was born. After reading your post, I watched 'The Shining' last weekend and liked it very much. So right now my favorite Stanley Kubrick movie is Shining!!

I have become a Kubrick fan now and want to see his other movies as well.

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