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That's something good to think about. I like to graphic above that looks like a question mark one way and a Phoenix the other way.

David Armano

Patrick, I had no idea that was a question mark. I always assumed it was a Phoenix! Wow, that's an insight as to how I view the world.

Roger, was the graphic meant to look like a Pheonix as well?

Roger von Oech

Patrick: And if you look at it upside down, it looks like a seal bouncing a ball on its nose! Glad you like it. It's a graphic I did a long time ago when I started my company.

Roger von Oech

David: Yes, it was meant to look like several things. I was trying to emphasize the old "figure/ground" Gestalt idea, namely that when you reverse "figure" and "ground" of any situation, new things become apparent. I based the question mark on one from the font "Clarendon" (bold). (The type enthusiasts will recognize that.)

I think (hope) the graphic ties in with the message of the post which is: "Use darkness to shed light." (Or flipping your perspective gives new insight.)

Tony D. Clark

Awesome post, Roger – and I love the graphic. From the view of non-duality/duality, there is often the interpretation that one parallel cannot exist without the other – war/peace, dark/light, right/wrong, etc. One of the great principals of this is stillness – that all action arises from stillness. And action is what creates results.

Great food for thought...


great thought roger - have a great christmas!

Paul McEnany

always making us think...

kudos, another good one to chew on!

Ann Handley

Reminds me of what I say to my kids, "How can I miss you if you won't go away?"

No...just kidding. I never actually SAY that.

Great solstice post AND Rorshock graphic...all in one.

Merry, merry....!

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