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Michael Wagner

Super interview!

Really like what you uncovered with the question: What do you do to stimulate your own creative juices?

Thanks for reaching out to Jonny Baker.

Keep creating, Mike

David Armano

Roger and Jonny, thanks for sharing. This was very inspirational and now I have another good blog to add to the list.


Roger, Thanks for the new links and for expanding into the area of Spirituality. Certainly creativity is useful when addressing questions of meaning and purpose and ritual and community that pertain to this realm. I'm grateful there are people like Jonny who are committed to innovation, experimentation, participation and surprise as part of the Spiritual Journey. Now how can we recognize God or Spirit or Life-force in the midst of each moment so "worship" or "thanksgiving" or "prayer" are not alien experiences relegated to Sunday in a church?

Vitaly Kolesnik

Thank you Roger, I always wondered why creativity is sometimes so underappreciated in religious domain. Fresh and inspiring.

Mr. Zeus

Great festive post Roger. Happy holidays to all you out in the blogosphere.


Roger! I visited here today with the intention of finding something similar to Creative Insight #9...and "open your mind up to things that have no connection with the problem you're trying to solve."

At this time I wasn't trying to solve a particular problem but was looking for ideas on divergence.

Exploring sites like Jonny's here expand our universe of awareness. This is great! Thanks!

Roger von Oech

Mike: Thanks for your comment. Finding people in fields different from our own is one of the cool things about being on the web.

David: Jonny is inspirational!

Wendy and Vitaly: I agree; it's neat to see where creative things are being done -- especially in the field of religion.

Mr. Zeus: Happy holidays to you and all your brethren out there in Zeusville!

Dave: I agree with you: "tapping into the unexpected" is one of the juiciest parts of being in the blogosphere.


Roger ||

Thanks for swinging by my site. If you're ever in Grand Rapids, MI I'd love to take you out to lunch!

And I got the image of the boy and the doughnut from LogoPond (; a lot of creative images there!

Thanks again for the great voice you have in developing and cultivating creativity in others!


Troy Worman

Awesome interview. Thank you. And thank you for the links, as well.


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