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life, is a big challenge!!!!!


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Life is full of different kinds of meaning things ! If life was meaningness then why are we even living in our life !

God gave up his life because of us. Theres a purpose in each of our life and we have to discover it in our life. It can be many things and it can be everything. We dont know. But we need to live happy every day because life is short and let's make the most of it !!!! God Bless ya !

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ula la

Life is like walking into a dark room be ready you will knock many things until you find the way out....but bare in mind you will not get out of the room alive ", oh yeah no one leaves this life a virgin because we all get F**** up some how, so enjoy :)

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Great post, I like what "Forest Gump" said in the movie, "Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you're gonna get" :)


There isn't one. The real question is, "Why is it assumed that life has an ultimate purpose or meaning?"


Life as aflower,in which our decisions coulers it

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