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If I had my choice I would Plutofy Microsoft Publisher. It's an application that beginners or non-professionals use for the most part and one that professionals will only buy so they can open up the files from clients to re-create in a more professional design program like InDesign.

Along those same lines I would Plutofy file version incompatibility to the point users of older versions of programs can open files created by newer versions. Once again Microsoft Publisher is guilty of this. I had a perfectly good copy of Publisher 2000 and since then moved on to more professional print layout programs however I had to get an upgrade to Publisher 2003 so I could open files from others.

I guess this all boils down to using closed file formats in an interconnected World. it's not the 80's anymore.

Luciano Passuello

It's about time to plutofy the "www." in web addresses! (For more info, check
Love the term "plutofy", by the way... :)


Just plutofy "job" in everybody's mind. No job no paycheck then everybody have to find ways for a living. What can i do if no job is available? What if human beings being replaced by robots? Where you don't see blue collars/white collars busy up down on the street,crowding the train in the morning/evening,jobless fresh grad hang out in the cyber cafe playing games or doing nothing at home, fired senior executives dressing formal attire wandering the street reading newspaper until 6pm before they go home and I wont be sitting here typing for something to be post in Roger's blog.

What can we do if we don't work for people?

Gavin Heaton

I was plutofied from commenting the other day (by Typepad). Seems they didn't like my website address. Imagine what would happen if TIME magazine was plutofied by the blogging community?

Valeria Maltoni

Isn't it interesting how we have so many words in our vocabulary, including the newly minted ones, which are negative or have a negative connotation vs. positive?

Even when we try to do something good, we generally tend to be 'against' something. At work, we are confronted (take a look at that verb) by terminology borrowed in the trenches.

Chris Cree

Sometimes I wish I could Plutofy sleep from my daily activities. That much down time every day seems so inefficient! It would be nice to make it an option that I could choose every three or for days.

Roger von Oech

Thanks for commenting.

Patrick: I've been a life-long Apple user so I've never had quite the same frustrations you've endured. What you say makes a lot of sense.

Luciano: Thanks for dropping by. I don't typ[ically have to type in the "www" much anymore. I liked your link to the "Preacher" — really funny. (quase soltei um pum de tanto rir)

Kenny: No job, maybe blog all day!

Gavin: Getting "blackballed" is a bummer — especially when you didn't do anything wrong.

Valeria: Good observation. On the whole, I'd rather be "For" something than "against" something else.

Chris: But what about your dreams? I don't think I've pulled an "all-nighter since college (long ago).

Chris Cree

Roger, if you're not a fan of all-nighters you better stay away from the maritime industry. They seem to happen all too often.

I had an easier time dealing with them when I was a 20 year old college student than I do these days for some reason. If only that sleep thing wasn't such a hard requirement... ;)

Vania Smrkovski

Well, if we Plutofied "C", we'd be in deep chit when we replace "C" with "S"!


"Seven dwarves is too many. Plutofy "Grumpy" (you could do this by giving him antidepressants). "

Hahaha that's funny!

What would I Plutofy?
-Child & Domestic abuse

And most of all... POLITICIANS!!!!

Bill Peper

I would plutofy Revolution #9 from the Beatles' White Album, the BCS system, Sponge Bob, and Tony Kornheiser from Monday Night Football

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