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Tina Kreminski

Great, fun post!

As we strive to create a more sustainable world, I think this kind of re-imagining of what we can do with what we already have will play a very important role.

A happy, creative new year to you!


Allen Arnn

I'm glad to have run across your blog through Kathy Sierra's blog today.

I'm looking forward to learning from you. Thanks for writing...

Jodee Bock

Ah ... now it all begins to make sense. I'm a January baby and have always seen things differently than others around me. Being a native North Dakotan, I even had someone once ask me where I was from after I'd introduced myself at a coffee shop because I couldn't possibly be from North Dakota. North Dakotans just aren't that bold, he said. Hmmmm... maybe he needs a different view of North Dakotans.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your creativity with the blogosphere, Roger!

Mr. Zeus


I have enjoyed following your blogging efforts for the past three months. I feel people often look at creativity as an abstract notion. It is in fact a skill that can be honed and improved upon. You are a good teacher of this.

Judging from your swimming and Ohio State football posts, I assume you are a sports fan. It was fun watching a much lesser known Boise State team beat a historical predominant Oklahoma team. Boise State successfully completed an assembly of trick plays in the end of regulation and overtime to stun Oklahoma.

It's always fun to see how creativity is applied in unconventional fields. If you feel so inspired, I would love to see a post on creativity and innovation in sports, of course only if you feel inspired.

Roger von Oech

Tina, Allen, and Jodee: Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your good wishes.

Mr. Zeus: I do have some ideas about innovation in sport, and will do a post on them in the next several weeks. Thanks for raising the topic.



MacGyver, the all-time most creative character on TV, was played by Richard Dean Anderson. He did use a pen as a weapon, and a potato as a radio antenna. (I'm not sure about the urea skin moisturizer...) He was born on 23 January 1950.

A coincidence? Or evidence of Janus-like powers?

Roger von Oech

A McGyver fan! But did he ever use flattened knives and forks as the elements of a mobile?

I'd have to agree with you that McGyver certainly did have some very potent "Janus-like" powers! And he delighted many millions of fans whenever he used them.

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