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Drew McLellan

LOL! I am sure its not the connection you'd expect but the Iowa/Venezuela connection is ME!

I was born in Venezuela and now reside in Iowa. I must be attracted to that level of GDP!


Paul McEnany

Wow, great find Roger! That really is a great display of just how powerful, at least monetarily, the US is in the world. It's sort of oddly frightening actually!

Stephen Denny

Netherlands and PA? You'd get the "Pennsylvania Dutch", from whence come all great quarterbacks, at least from the western side of the state. (I thought it was actually "Pennsylvania Deutche", from German immigrants).

Poor Florida / Korea... they relocate and still have a rogue state to the north with the bomb... they can't catch a break, can they?

France and CA both share the same politics, mostly.

And is Hong Kong representing DC? How funny.

Interesting map, Roger -- thanks for posting!

Roger von Oech

Drew: With you connections, maybe you can solicit Hugo Chavez to donate some heating oil to the people of the Hawkeye State.

Paul: Based on the map, it would be interesting to have a face off between the best marketing brains of Texas Canada. I wonder who could pull off the better campaigns!

Stephen: You're right about the "Pennsylvania Deutsche," then "pidginified" to "Pennsylvania Dutch." Fortunately for the Koreans, there is no "Japan" on this map.

Carl Stormer

For the record -- I did not create this great map. is the company from which it originated. I just liked it so much and posted it on my blog (with credit). And of course, Norway equals the size of Minnesota -- and they have loads of Norwegians as well.

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