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Stephen Denny


Very kind of you to put me in such good company and on your exceptional blog -- last night I posted a piece on the organizational "manifesto" wisdom I've collected at companies like Sony and elsewhere, and in doing so quoted Josephus; see how you influence us with the creativity inspiring wisdom of Heraclitus?

Thanks !

Robert Hruzek


Thanks for posting the link to the six-word stories contest! It's remarkable how artificially severe limitations can inspire such creative entries. Can't wait for the big finish to see the total!

I'm also honored that you would mention me in the same breath as Will and Stephen's posts - great company!

Robert Hruzek

Valeria Maltoni


The pantry comment really resonates with me. Having grown up in Europe where small apartments and refrigerators were and still are the norm, we tend to shop for a few items at a time and use them up *before* we accumulate more.

I see the buy 3 to get 4-mindset much more prevalent here, with the correlated result that people have garages filled with stuff and cars sitting outside in the weather.

The other thought is on constraints -- yes, they do help tremendously because they focus our attention onto a specific point. Your visual here is just priceless!

As for Stephen, he just made a point on Killing giants by using a painting from one of my all time favorites: Caravaggio. What more can I say?

Roger von Oech

Stephen, Robert: Thanks for creating interesting content!

Valeria: Thanks for weaving a thread through all three sites.

Stephen Denny

Roger: on the six-word story, here's all I got --

Charlie Brown: Live From Death Row.

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