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michael bells

I haven't seen a Bergman film in decades... probably the late 70's. I did see a copy of "the seventh seal" in my local video store... except it was on video not dvd... & i no longer have a video player... I'll have to keep looking

Thanks for reminding me of these films

Tom Haskins

My favorite Bergman film came after the 11 in your list: Fanny & Alexander. One of the ways I love any film is to "take the journey through the eyes" of one of the characters - more blandly called "character identification". I easily identify with young Alexander's torments, conquests and redemption. The dilemmas his mother (played by Liv Ullman) faces between her children and new husband -- are deeply inviting to empathize with. Having created a puppet troupe myself, the uncle with the marionettes seems like a kindred spirit -- seeking justice in an unfair world through theatrical tensions and resolutions. The mysterious connections with the spirit world (previous spooky suicide, haunting, voodoo curse, ghost) are balanced by an "action thriller" plot where grown-ups conspire to secretly extract Alexander from his stepfather's house. Alexander ends up tougher to face his adversaries -- without losing his innocence to connect with the divine. That paradoxical combination of tough/innocent traits has a spellbinding effect on me.

Roger von Oech

Michael: That's interesting that an appliance — in this case the VHS video player — that became a part of everyone's living room almost overnight in the 1980s has just about disappeared. I think we have only one left — as part of a DVD/VHS player — but it's on an old TV and I don't think I've ever watched tape on it.

Tom: Thanks for the recommendation. "Fanny & Alexander" is one of the few I haven't seen. I'll put it in my Netflix queue. "Autumn Sonata" is the most recent one I've seen, and that was ages ago when it came out in the theaters.

Valeria Maltoni

You mentioned Federico Fellini, and I couldn't help myself talking about him -- he was born in the same area as my parents although he ended up living most of his life in Rome.

In "Amarcord" he chronicled many of the situations and conversations of my mother's and father's youth -- and used dialect; which in that area sounds more like a separate language than Italian.

As for Bergman -- "Winter Light" would be a good start, I agree. Thank you for the inspiration.

Phillip Marzella

I'm more of a Fellini fan than Bergman's - although - as you point out both geniuses of the medium.

Robert Olliges

If you even have the chance go to Gotland, or better yet Faro, where Bergman filmed many of his classics. Spring or fall are the best times to get a Bergman-like feeling. Summer is simply beautiful. Bergman still lives on Faro. Don't try to find him.


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Roger von Oech

Valeria and Phillip: I've seen probably five Fellini films over the years. Probably time to do a Fellini marathon.

Robert: Thanks for the advice. I've heard Bergman's something of a recluse.

Ben: Good luck with your venture.

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