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Robert Hruzek

That's really cool, Roger! In fact, it illustrates the fun of blogging communities, too - you never know who you might get to meet one day.

But now I'm wondering - you don't happen to have a big red "S" on your chest, do you? ;-)


Hello Roger,

Very nice thought about community. I think we all have "things in common" and actually identifying these things is a real linker.

It's funny how, from a reader's point of view, your post begins with a thought like "Nice picture... people swimming for a b-day party, cool idea". Link: birthday party.

Then once you name them, say who they are and what they do... you actually see, designers, scientists, business men, sharing one common passion for swimming. This makes the link a lot stronger : passion.

Plus, what the picture says to me (and that's a distant message, I know) is : "Look at this great weather!". Not to mention that winter over here in Belgium would never let us dream about spending New Year's day in an outdoor pool! Thanks for sharing. I can feel the sun from here and... boy, it feels good! : )

Roger von Oech

Robert and Luc: Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, one of the great benefits of living in northern California is being able to swim outdoors in January.

Daniel Scocco

Roger, we talked about swimming in the past, but this post just awakened my memories about competitions.

I want to see if I can hold my own against you on the swimming pool :)

50 meters free-style: 25''20 is my best, but that was 5 years ago when I was 17. I switched from swimming to weight-lifting over those 5 years, so I am not sure what I would be able to swim today (stronger but heavier).

Roger von Oech

Daniel: 0:25.20 is a very good time for 50 meters (long course I assume).

If you could come anywhere near that time you could easily beat me. But I'm much more of a middle distance swimmer (200-400 meters), so perhaps it might be close in the longer distance.

When I was your age though (almost 35 years ago), I could sprint: low 21 for 50 yards, high 23 for 50 meters short course, and mid 24 for 50 meters long course.

Daniel Scocco

awesome man, I guess we could play on the 50 meters, but anything longer and you would toast me...

I will let you know if I happen travel to the US someday and we will hit the water :)

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