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What a tremendous pictorial and journey you just took me on--thank you for sharing this Roger. I remember how speechless I was attending the Holocaust Memorial/Museum during opening weeks in D.C.; I can't imagine how moving this must have been. Again, thank you.


i think it is/was inappropriate to put in the middle of Berlin. Why does a city and people have to live with a massive bleak depressing propaganda piece in the middle of their city Why not one to the millions who died under the communist? or the millions of German women raped by the Russian army , on orders from the high command?
It seems to me that the holocaust has become part cult part money making industry but mainly a tool for shielding Israel of criticism. Can we expect a memorial to the 750,000 Palestinians cleansed in 48 in the middle of TEl Aviv anytime soon?

Cam Beck

Roger - This is an stunning memorial in its ability to look at something so tragic and horrible without being exploitative.

I lived in West Berlin/Berlin between '89 and '92... They used to also have a memorial for the people shot while trying to flee East Berlin during the Cold War. Is that still there?

BTW - I bought two courses from The Learning Company and am thoroughly enjoying them. Thank you for bringing them to my attention!

Cam Beck

Oh... The memorial I'm talking about was also by the Reichtag and Brandenburg Gate.

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