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Nedra Weinreich

Happy birthday, Roger! I've been enjoying your travelogue - thanks for sharing! I just wrote about this new Dove campaign, which looks like it will only be available online in the US. I guess American women don't want to be reminded that they might get older (though the alternative isn't so great!).


Hi Roger,

. . H A P P Y . . B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

May all your (creative) dreams come true!

Kind Regards.

Luc. : )

Phillip Marzella

Happy Birthday Roger - many more to come no doubt. And many more creative outpourings.




Happy Birthday Roger!
In regard to "Beauty knows no age."... true beauty is timeless because true beauty comes from a place where time has no decaying effect. Our bodies are but shadows and dust but true beauty comes from our eternal soul.

Paul McEnany

Well, a couple days late, but Happy Birthday, Roger!

You know, I read someone making the point that Dove is owned by Unilever, which also owns Axe Body Spray, widely known for commercials that objectify women in some way. Does it taint the Dove campaign to know that the money goes to a company sending out such opposite messages?

Roger von Oech

Thanks to all for the kind birthday wishes! Much appreciated.

David Armano


Already wished you a happy birthday, but I have a request. When the time is right, can you share your youthful secrets with the rest of us? I know you swim and do creative exercises to keep your mind sharp but would love to hear more about it all. We should all advance in years the way you do. Young at heart, mind, body and soul.

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too late to say you happy birthday ,but really
impressed with Phillip Marzella "Beauty knows no age."... true beauty is timeless


hi,i am very impressed with the picture.she looks fantastic..

Mike Paahana

happy birthday dude keep posting the great naked stuff


Those are some hot older women! Wowza! I would'nt mind being their young buck.


Those nude photographs are inspiring for fridge-heart men.


Thank you for making a women what she is intended to be - beautiful.
Beauty, like we all know, is in the eyes of the beholder.
We, men, are all beholders in one way or another.
Woman what is not to be at our head or our feet, but by man's side.
Woman is at man's side. Beside ever great man stands a greater woman.

female feet fetish

this type of ad leaves much to be desired, can actually be considered disrespectful, so why not thoroughly examine the publication of such advertising


it would be very very great if you could show us the naked ladies body. Thanks


Thanks for shairing! As a man who appriciates all woman of all ages I can diffinitly say with all conviction that tru beauty is ageless. These fine women are some of the best examples of this. I am so tired of always seeing the young models that all look alike. I is a honor to look upon a beautiful woman like any of the three depicted. They do not all look thye same. Time has given them their true body.

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