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What do I do? I'm not trying to do anything... I just try to BE.... to be the change... just as Gandhi put it: you should BE the change you want to see in the world!
So I try to smile more, love more, be more open and try to help more... Sometimes I succeed sometimes I don't... it doesn't matter... I will keep trying to BE.

Alexander Kjerulf

What I do? I make people happy. And myself :o)

Your story of Gallo reminds me of Craig Newmark (the founder of Craigslist) who holds on to the title Customer Service Rep and still spends most of his time doing customer support.

Peter: Remember, there can be no being without doing. And vice versa :o)


That's why I focus on BE. I found out that I end up doing a heck lot more focusing on being than focusing on doing.

David Anderson

this comment actually belongs w/ the previous post of "ask why?"... but I assume everyone is moving along into the present


do some of you have – like I do – an Internal Blog… an internal forum for conversations between various aspects, personalities, parts, contacts (or whatever) of your “self”?

my internal blog has been discussing Roger’s “Ask Why?” post…

and the consensus recommendation is now:

better to ask: “WHY NOT?”

apparently this format of questioning is preferable because it focuses upon finding the hidden limiting factors.. the hidden assumptions of containment ... when these are located and "overthrown".. many other things may be possible

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