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Tom Haskins

Considering "truth being everywhere" is helpful for a project I'm working on. I'm developing an alternative to college degree programs that utilizes innovative eLearning approaches to support continual self-renewal, as if we can never be prepared for what's coming. Taking this before the Sufi judge -- "Generation Debt" argues before the court that a diploma is worth the massive expense and long term debt incurred because the value is evidenced by 1) the huge tuition bill and steady increases 2) the amount of stressful, hard work invested in the degree program 3) the time honored tradition of getting a diploma in preparation for full time employment in the field of one's college major. The judge says: "That's right".

"Generation Dropout" argues before the court that a diploma is worthless and the costs incurred are a rip off, as evidenced by 1) the 50% dropout rate from both 2 and 4 year colleges 2) the countless under-employed and dissatisfied alumni who valued "the party but not the the preaching" while in college 3) the rate and magnitude of changes in technology, business models and cultural values in this digital age. The judge says "That's right".

The deeper truth in all this appears like this to me: Every moment is an educational experience. An education offered by an "improvement in pedagogy and/or delivery" is also an educational experience. There is no desperate need to reform, oppose or reinvent educational institutions. There are ways to create other educational experiences using new technologies and design principles. Creating those experiences will be educational. Experiencing those designs will be educational. Not experiencing those designs will also be educational. Nothing is not educational. The judge says "That's right".

Roger von Oech

Tom: You really have the ability to take an idea and get a whole lot of "play" out of it. If my post had been music, you would have been like John Coltrane and done a six minute improv on it — making sure to come back to the main theme every 90 seconds or so.

David Armano

Relevant post given our recent conversations.

PS. don't forget to send me my book assignment!

Mark McGuinness

This is possibly my favourite Whack Pack card - I used to tell this story a lot when doing couples counselling, and the two partners were asking me to act as a 'referee' and decide who was right. It nearly always lightened things up and got them in a less antagonistic place.

Tom Haskins

Thanks Roger! With everybody singing the blues about Higher Ed these days, your metaphor with Coltrane's music turns their gripes into tunes. Sweet!

David Anderson

"truth" is something to get over!

a true creator is not concerned with finding "truth", but rather with making-up a new truth that becomes real

yes, I know this is an out-there concept

but it is time to consider such levels

the most innovative & inventive folks are those who refuse to accept the currently accept "truth" about whatever

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