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Yonatan Ben-Nes

Maybe it would be better if each one of you would take his time to think about what's good at the other one preference you would get better insight, after all it's quite inherent in human behavior (or maybe not? :)) to contradict others ideas and find what's good in ours.

By the way I think that for that you still had to twitter but he doesn't need to read another book to get reminded what's a book...

Drew McLellan


This will be fascinating to watch and listen to -- as you and DA both expand in a new/old direction.

I've always been an avid reader. Sometimes I read to learn but often I do it to release my brain from the driving pace that is day to day life. Escapism.

I find I get both benefits from Twitter too. Sometimes my friends make me think and other times, they make me laugh out loud.

I like the mash up of both. Sort of like breaking up a marathon with some sprints.

I'm looking forward to your assessment of Twitter!


Larry Hendrick

Roger, that's easy ... he gets the better deal. I'm not saying you won't learn something and enjoy the experience, using a new technology, but yes, him.

I have not used Twitter, but from listening to everyone talk about it, no thanks, I'd rather be reading.

Gavin Heaton

I am a book lover ... one of my dreams is to one day have a "library" -- a proper dedicated room in my house. And I agree, if you want to learn the art of storytelling then look to the "masters" or the classics.

But I also love technology. I even like it as an end in itself. Yet, even moreso, I love the way technology can bring us experiences that would otherwise be unachievable.

When it comes to Twitter ... it really is NOT for everyone. But there is something to it that I feel is emerging ... perhaps a pattern of use or a shift in modes of online behaviour. I am not sure ... but I too want to be around for it.

Christy Tucker

Honestly, you might have the better end of the deal as far as learning and mentally stretching are concerned. As Yonatan pointed out, David has read novels before. While his part of the exchange may be more enjoyable in the short term, it isn't likely to give him an experience which really changes much in his life.

On the other hand, you will be doing something quite different and new, which means you are stretching further. Even if Twitter isn't for you--and it probably isn't--it may give you insight or help you make a mental connection you wouldn't have otherwise.

Liz Strauss

I'm sorry he gets the better deal. Though you are both in essence becoming watchers. He gets to watch the more interesting plot. :)

Nedra Weinreich

I think this is a wonderful idea that you and David came up with. We sometimes need to step outside our comfort zone and immerse ourselves in an experience we would not normally try in order to get insight. That said, you know I'm not a fan of the concept of Twitter (though admittedly I have not used it myself). I already have too many things pulling on my attention between email and blogs, and I have found that my attention span has become dangerously low over time. I can't imagine being interrupted every few minutes to find out that my friend had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and then had a 140 character epiphany solving the mysteries of the universe. It would be a great way for a parent to keep up with the whereabouts of their teenagers, though. If my kids were older, I might consider using it for that purpose.

I wish I had more time for reading books. I need to cut back on my blog reading. :-)

Paul McEnany

Ah, Roger! It seems to me you've jumped in quite well! But, you're probably right. A little balance away from marketing would probably be a good thing for a lot of us.

Carma Dutra

Exchange programs are just that. Exchanging ideas, cultures and expanding your creativity. You have the better deal.

If I were to offer an exchange program it might be one where a person would use their talents to teach others.

ann michael

Roger - I think he's getting the better deal too! I've been trying to play around with Twitter, but I've been at a client's site all week and had no time. Twitter is cool but I'm not sure where it's going.

Mario Vellandi

I agree the book is better. You get more focus and concentrated brain activity. Twitter can be novel and may provide some momentary insights from pals here and there.

Stephen Denny

Roger, you gave him a book and he sent you to Twitter? That's no deal. I think DA will be thinking about Burma long after you've put Twitter out of your mind.

I'm aware of Twitter. I don't have to spend time with it to gain anything from it, though. Being "aware" of novels doesn't mean you've gained anything from them; being aware of the bible doesn't allow you to declare yourself a saint. (Apologies to the non-denominationals -- substitute at your convenience. But I'm sure you get the point).

I'm on your side of this discussion. So there's at least two (plus a few others, above) of us!

Roger von Oech

This "exchange program" seems to have struck a chord.

I'm now in my third day of "Twittering." I hope Armano has started his book.

Initial thoughts: Twitter has great demand during the day (the buzz is getting a lot of people to sign up). Consequently, response time is slow 8am-3 PM (PDT). Twitter's infrastructure is being tested to the max right now. It then eases up, and communication is better after 4 PM PDT.

Drew, Nedra: I'm keeping an open mind. I just know I have only 17 hours a day to do stuff, and I need to set priorities.

Ann, Liz, Stephen, Mario, Paul, Larry: You make reading sound so exciting, I'm thinking of re-reading "The Piano Tuner."

Christy, Gavin, Yonaton: As I said, I'm keeping an open mind!

David Armano

"I'm on your side of this discussion."

Good comments here though I think the "taking sides" is actually missing the point of the experiment. In a way, Roger and I are stepping into each others shoes. We may or may not end up coming out of this with stronger beliefs about how we spend our "down time" but personally, I'm just enjoying the fact that I'm doing something different.

And yes, I've started the book and I'm just getting into Chapter 2. The first chapter is like painting rich textures unto the characters. I can't wait to hear more about the Colonel. He sounds really interesting.

No reading tonight. I'm going to see "300" with friends. I love epic movies made from graphic novels!



When I first met you I felt "twitter-pated" (go watch Bambi-it means my heart throbbed for you!). Am I now in danger of becoming a "Twitter-widow?"

I agree with David on not "taking sides." What brings each of us joy and fulfillment is different. But this experiment makes me think about stretching myself into areas I typically neglect or exchanging with someone else as you two are doing.

So Roger, maybe we can meditate on a rose today to help your expressed desire to focus. What would you like me to do that I resist?

Stephen Denny

I'm reading too many political blogs... let me back off my somewhat radicalized 'side taking' stance and retreat with honor to more of a 'hey, I like to read books' POV. There, that's better.

Joanna Young

The exchange is a great idea and I look forward to hearing more about it as the technology (on the one side) and the characters and plot (on the other) start to take their hold...As to who's getting the better end of the deal, it's got to be David - there's nothing like a recommendation from a friend for a good book!


Hi Roger:
What's your top10 all time favorite books?
What's your top 10 books that you wish to read but haven't done so?

Have you ever heard of shelfari?
It is like online bookshelve that allows you to share, discuss and recommend books to the community. I think it would be great that for great thinker like you to share some of the books that you think might have influence you in your thinking or your life...

Tony Steward

Reading a book is much more stimulating for my creativity. I had not had a chance to get into my reading for over a week, and I only started reading a few pages last night and it felt like the "light" came on.

I like twitter, but I haven't found people to really use it well, more than just an interruption. But I love the idea, and this it could be very powerful for virtual teams and friends that don't mind to be connected.

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