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Question: Think of one of your hobbies or side interests. What skills or knowledge from it can you apply to a current problem?
When I first got to the clinic where I'm working, there were a lot of tedious, repetitive tasks I had to do so I used one of my side interests (programming) to automate the process. Little by little I started using more and more programming at work.
What do you discover?
Well... an open mind and a willingness to do more than you are asked for combined with a strong use of your hobbies might let you without a classic job. You might just end up getting paid to play at work. ;)

Becky Carroll

Roger, this is amazing origami. My older son loves to work on this form of art, and it is a great outlet for a person who likes to use his hands but also does a lot of thinking. I think when we play to our strengths, even when they are found in our hobbies or side projects, we can find ourselves breaking-through to something new.

Thanks for sharing!

Mark Hargreaves

Hi Roger,

for the last 16 years I have had chronic congestive heart disease and now am largely housebound. As such, I have a lot of time on my hands though I try to keep my mind occupied. As a boy I tried my hand at origami from a book by Robert Harbin. Though I have tried to find more on the subject, origami books are hard to find in the UK. Would you have any suggestions on books I might try?

Best wishes - Mark

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