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Gavin Heaton

I agree with the feeling of group intimacy that Twitter facilitates -- but as you say, it is important to remember that it is being narrowcast. BUT ... that is also part of the fun -- you get snippets of other conversations -- and sometimes this means getting GREAT insight or a viewpoint that you had not considered.

Is this eavesdropping? Or conversation once removed? Hmmm ... interesting.

Paul McEnany

I couldn't agree more about the infrastructure problems. Seems as though the platform is simple enough (and no pictures or video) so it shouldn't take them too long to iron that stuff out.

Hopefully, anyway. Otherwise, they might have just blown a huge opportunity.

Drew McLellan


I agree with you completely -- Twitter is intimate. It's sharing a moment in time with friends. But...we have to remember, we're sharing that moment while having coffee and talking in a public place.

The walls have ears!

On the listening end...that's what I find fascinating about Twitter. Twittervision literally is like peeking into people's hearts and minds. It's really captivating.


Roger von Oech

Gavin, Paul, Drew: Well, it's three of my "Twitter-friends" shifting gears to comment in the blog format. I agree with you about the prosaic intimacy. I still remember some of the things each of you said this past weekend. None was profound, but that's what made it interesting.

About the infrastructure problems: I think Twitter's problem is that it runs in an opposite fashion from the Internet. The Internet is decentralized; a breakdown here will not prevent your message from getting through over there. In Twitter, on the other hand, it seems that everything is going through "Twitter-Central." And for a lot of the day, "Twitter-Central" is a bottleneck.

Thanks for your comments.

Austin Kronig

Thanks for being open-minded enough to add a self-described 17 year old entrepreneur from Ann Arbor to your Twitter list of friends! I've really enjoyed reading your updates.

Despite its mishaps, Twitter has really allowed me to join/cultivate a new community of inspiring people. So, from a business networking perspective, Twitter has been tremendous.

Yet for a lot of people my own age, they haven't quite adopted this trend. Many don't feel the need because they are already seamlessly "connected" via Facebook and other online communities. Also, Twitter seems to be too broadly based and doesn't really add much value to their current conversations. So, their really isn't a niche for people to dig into.

*Not that I'm a spokesperson for my own generation*

Stephen Denny

Who says the oracle was taking a break? "Think like a child," Roger! Nothing wrong with tequila and cigars, after all...

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