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Michael Wagner

I'm a big fan of both you and David. Thanks for creating this interview!

David's comment, "I view my role as a “persuader.” I can’t force my teams to do great work." really connects with my work experience.

At the end of the day "everyone's a volunteer". Even if they're getting a pay check, people still get to choose to bring their creative energy to do great work...or not.

It's amazing how many leaders demand performance and then complain that people aren't doing their best.

Again, great interview! Thanks for enlarging the David Armano story. When does come out in DVD? Grin.

Keep creating,

Ann Handley

Nice! As much as I already knew about DA, I learned a few more things. Great chat.

(And OMG -- does he ever have a hot body! That's really you, right. "Arnoldo"!?!)


Dear Roger,

First of all : CONGRATS for your 1OOth post! Your blog is like an inner voice... pushing us to think and reconsider creativity from a new, rich and different perspective. And Roger, this is just fantastic!

Then, you really chose the perfect subject. David and Logic+Emotion gave me the will to launch a blog as well, so I'm on the same frequency. L+E is full of insights, pertinence, ideas, visions, and last but not least... Emotion. Plus David is such a very nice person. O so human!

And I agree with Ann... I learned new things in your interview as well. Thank you for this great post!

Long live to Creative Think.
Long live to Logic+Emotion.


Happy 100th! What an amazing gesture to interview David for this occasion. I love the time and thought that both you and DA put into this (diggin' the graphics, love Max's sculpture). I've learned so much from David--he strikes a smart, sensitive balance in his lessons and communications and he is a true model for this medium. Plus he introduced me to your blog!

Enjoy your 100th. Thanks for all you generously share ;-)

David Armano

For the record, that is totally my body. In addition to blogging, a demanding career and a family—I have time to workout for like 4 hours a days and I tan on the weekends. Actually, I don't sleep either. ;)

Roger, it was an honor. As I've told you before, you have a great talent in the form of asking questions and you have an excellent sense of humor. I'm flattered and honored that you wanted to quiz me.

Congrats on the 100th post and THANK YOU for being an endless source of inspiration as well as a great prankster. :)


I work for Guy Kawasaki. Thanks for the link to his blog!

Virtual Assistant

Valeria Maltoni


What a varied and interesting profile, a credit to both the skill and curiosity of the interviewer and the substance of the interviewee.

Congratulation on your 100th, it doesn't look one day older ;-)

Now let's take the intellectual stimulation off the page and have a nice, old-fashioned conversation. I'll bring the gelato, it's time for spring!

Liz Strauss

Congratulations, Roger!
100 posts! Yea! And such a find distinguidhed guest in your studio. I understand that Mr. Armano is almost impossible to get an interview with. And those pictures -- priceless!!

Gavin Heaton

Great way to celebrate your 100th, Roger! And you were able to tease some great ideas and tips for living a creative life out of DA.

My favourite ... that he was a wrestler in high school! I knew I liked him for a reason ;)

Wonder if he has any of those masks?

Roger von Oech

Mike: Thanks for the kind comments.

Ann: Yes, indeed! David is hot.

CK, Mindblob, and Valeria: Yes, the interview process was fun. I emailed David a bunch of questions and then he gave a lot of thought to the answers. We also had several back and forth phone sessions.

Mary-Louise: You're quite welcome. Tell Guy I said "hello!" and that we should do breakfast again sometime.

Liz: You'll get David at your SOBCon07 in 2 months!

Gavin: Actually David was Jack Black's instructor in "Nacho Libre."

David: You're a good sport and a good interview.

Drew McLellan


Congrats on the milestone. In no time, it will seem light years ago!

I think how you chose to celebrate your 100th post speaks volumes about you. I think that David was happy to be your subject speaks volumes about him.

No doubt why I admire you both and think a little differently after reading your blogs.

Here's to many more!


Matt Dickman

Great 100th post Roger. What a nicely done interview full of insight into both of your personalities and thought processes.

Paul McEnany

Great stuff, guys! Roger, congrats on the 100th post! It seems like yesterday we were emailing back and forth while you were getting all set up. It's been a fun ride. You definitely jumped right it and took us all by storm!

DA- Very cool to get all that behind the scenes info. There's definitely a lot of philosophy around our the old 'sphere, but it's even more interesting when you get to hear where it all comes from.

Next time you guys need to podcast it! And, David, sorry to hear about the FOX news thing. I feel bad that you were subjected to that. :)

JibberJobber Guy

Congrats on the 100th post - this interview was awesome - from this and the comments I've found some new favorite blogs.

I totally relate to the blog discipline thing - I call myself a blog junkie, if I don't have my post finished and posted by about 8:30 am I start to shake ;)

Anyway, great resource, great info, and a very fitting way to celebrate the 100th :)

Roger von Oech

Drew, Matt, Jibber-Guy: Thanks again to all for the good wishes.

Paul: Actually, I think David was giving Roger Ailes some pointers! : -- )

Steven C.

How funny, I consider DA to be my "blogfather" as well. Prior to stumbling onto L + E, the only blogs I knew of were my friends' Xanga blogs which offered a play-by-play of their morning routine. Stimulating reads they were....

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