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Gavin Heaton

Roger, I love the "connoisseur of conversation" tag (though prefer Nacho). I have only come to read Bruce's articles through David and they have opened my eyes -- especially the freedom of expression that he has in the collision of ideas and words.

I like the way you introduce Bruce's bookshelf -- I have always loved books and cart them around with me everytime I move. Why? Because I feel that what I have read had become part of me and part of the way that I relate to the world. What would I be without my books?

When I visit someone's home or office for the first time I always check what is on the bookshelf. It says much about the person!

(I have similar thoughts on music collections.)

David Armano

Two of my favorite minds in one place. Too cool. Roger, I'm glad your trip went really well for you. Sounds like you had a blast. Also glad you got to meet Bruce in person. I recently wrote about how I feel both of you posess "young brains"—you share a mindset that is curios and willing to try/experience new things.

Your bookshelf story is also very cool. I didn't know about the books that Bruce authored and this was a very neat way to find out about them. His office sounds like an interesting place.

Thanks for sharing this with us as it's an interesting insight. And congrats on a successful trip out east.

Valeria Maltoni

"Over the past three decades at BusinessWeek, Bruce has witnessed a lot of revolutions — in business, technology, economics, and in politics."

Bruce is not looking back because he has been in the business of looking forward his whole life. Revolution is an apparently accelerated evolution of things. When you ear is to the ground, you are much better at seeing where things will go -- and Bruce seems to engage the senses on both sides of the conversation, his and others'.

If I had known you were so close in NYC, I would have met you somewhere!

Roger von Oech

Gavin: It would be interesting to see Bruce's bookshelf at his home. You mentioned that you like looking at people's book and music collections. That's getting harder to do with the latter. For many people, all their music on their computer or iPod.

David: Thanks for the very kind words, also for the additional writeup: How Old Is Your Brain? which can be found at

Valeria: I think you'd like meeting Bruce as well. Perhaps I'll get to meet you some time soon.


Nussbaum writes some very interesting things in the blog you pointed us to... especially his thought-provoking line: "We all live life in beta now."

but NUSSBAUM IS FULL OF BALONEY! Yes.. he might go visit the Navajo and appreciate the hogan... but there is no way ever that he himself would live in one... or even a trailer, "lightly on the land". Rather he will continue to live the big city lifestyle, jet around the world on vacation & to conferences in posh hotels, while RANTING about sustainability....

there is talking the talk... and there is walking the walk.

Scott McArthur

The "connoisseur of conversation" is interesting and reminded me of a description I once heard of Sinatra - a "heavenly wind chime". Made me think a lot at that time about what I was! The secret for me can be found in the words of this old (ish) Scottish song:

Hope you enjoy and I really like the blog!


great interview! :) I'm trying to get in touch with Nussbaum myself to invite him to take part in an event, however, I haven't been able to find his email anywhere (and we're even subscribers to Business Week!), would you be able to send it to me directly? I'd really appreciate it!
Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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