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      Joanna Young

      I'm glad you had a relaxing trip. And it's sooo much better for the environment too :)


      Stephen Denny

      Roger: I've spent many an hour on the Metroliner between DC and NYC (or Philly's beautiful 30th St Station). It sure beats air travel.

      If you want to complete the anthropological mobile trifecta, why not take the Greyhound Bus next time? Port Authority is beautiful in its own post-apocalyptic way, too.

      Roger von Oech

      Joanna: I wish I could go as easily from Palo Alto to LA as this trip was.

      Stephen: Maybe next time I'll hitchhike. That would both take me back to my youth (over 30,000 miles hitchhiked then) and be a "networking opportunity" as well.

      Gavin Baker

      Roger- I took a train from Harrisburg, PA up to NYC last summer and I completely echo your thoughts on the matter. Looking back on the experience it was great. The seats were spacious, the train had power for my laptop, and it was pretty quiet as well. A few hours of work and I was in Penn Station connecting to my next subway stop.

      I'd gladly do it again.

      Thanks for helping me remember!

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