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      Cam Beck

      What I find most interesting about this exercise is that it helps us identify our stereotypes.

      Very thought-provoking.

      Carma Dutra

      A heart surgeon and gardener would both agree that there is an euphoria in making life beautiful and relevant.

      They could learn that they both depend on a higher power for success.

      Lewis Green


      Thank you for calling. I enjoyed getting to know you better. I agree with Cam: This really exposes our stereotypes and gets us thinking.

      Becky Carroll

      I had to come and check out your blog after Lewis told me he had talked to you just before talking to me! I am glad I did.

      What if you are a blogger AND a singer? I am not an A-list blogger (yet), but I do love to blog AND I love to sing. To me, these are complementary, as they are both creative outlets. Just to confuse you, I am also an engineer by training (EECS at Berkeley!). Not sure that I have changed fields, I have just kept pushing the limits to reach a point of creativity.

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