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Elton Williams

An egg cracking open to reveal a chili pepper coming out!

Kem Ibekwe

a tree and a river

Kem Ibekwe

or a tree and a rock


combine this idea (or rather questioning statement) that just popped into my head, with whatever you like:

if one functions normally in a dysfunctional reality is one sane?


i need to hit my idea quota fo the day, so--

1. myth and magic: quill made from a phoenix feather [the non-writing end would be on fire]

2. biotic: a waterfall brimming with question marks

3. old school: analog clocks replacing the wheels on a bicycle [time rolls on]

4. kitschy hi-tech: a british 'cracker' party favor popping open to release irridescent holographs of butterflies

5. a portable window: stick it on whatever wall is blocking your view and look through it, climb through it, to open up the possibilities


Tom Peters has the corner on the market on this one. Unquestionably, it should be the exclamation point!!!


Sorry! Posted to the wrong post!

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Thanks for posting. This cracks me up.

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