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Lewis Green


Thank you for introducing us to Robert. And thank you for sending an email telling us about the interview. Who says all the good marketers are dead? (Well, no one actually. Just wanted to make a point.)

Valeria Maltoni


One comment Scoble makes really resonates with me: right time/right place. As I'm working on looking at the future of my work differently, I know that all of these various activities I engage in on weekends and night, like blogging, writing for eBooks, speaking at chamber events and colleges, will pay off.

Why? Because if you cannot grab opportunities in your company, you will never know how you would have done.

You also talked about him building contacts with lots of people. There's an article in this month's Fast Company magazine that talks about another connector in Silicon Valley. Jobs may vary, your connections will be a lifelong net if you care for them.


Hello Roger,

Thank you for this brilliant interview. I'm glad to find out about Robert's marketing thoughts and also great blog and site.

I like to see the "open mind" of a visionary man : "Fine," he responded, "how about tomorrow at three?" - Wow! It says it all ! ! !

PS : I saw your post on Twitter. ; )

David Armano

"The two things that struck me about Scoble are his accessibility and affability."

Roger, dead on. I met Robert a while back and thought the same exact thing. I would also add "goofy" and "disarming" and I mean these in the best of ways. Robert doesn't take himself too seriously and he radiates a positive energy. I can tell he loves what he does and works really hard at it.

Glad you met him and had a good time.

Paul McEnany

That's awesome that you guys got to meet each other. You guys definitely sound like two people that would get along well.

And, Roger, I wish I had the ability to just call people up as easily as you do. It's very refreshing!

I think it's time for a Von Oech/Scoble affability face-off!

Roger von Oech

Lewis: You're on my select list!

Valeria: Interesting comments. I've got a question for you: What percentage of your business outlook would you say is "American," and what percentage "Italian"? (The reason I ask is: how many of your Italian brethren think like you?)

Luc: Yes, Scoble's a trip.

David: Also, Scoble seems like a dead ringer for a young "Philip Seymour Hoffman."

Paul: You're in marketing. Of course you can just call people up.

Valeria Maltoni


Maybe that is the basis for a guest interview here at Creative Think at some point... there's a lot more to it than a quick response in a comment.

You are right, Scoble could be a younger version of Seymour Hoffman.

Chris Brogan...

Hey Roger- Great write-up, and it seems like you've got such an energized community on your blog that it speaks well for you as a connector and community guy yourself. Takes one to know one, as your writing about Robert clearly reveals.

The ball seems pretty neat, too. : )

ann michael

Roger -

That was really interesting. I agree with Scoble's view of the right message at the right time and I (as a consumer) would welcome that - especially if it stopped all the wrong messages at the wrong time from finding me!

Ironically though, I think it's interesting that Google's potential acquisition of Double-Click is being challenged on the basis of privacy. The complaintants (and the gov?) are worried that Google is amassing too much personal information on its users.

Somewhere along the line we're going to have to find the right balance between privacy and the killer apps we all want!!!

Thanks for a great read!


I saw a funny interview with Robert you might like (someone is interviewing him for a change):

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