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      Shakespeare's Fool

      It's a rainy day here in Boston.
      Now, where's my copy??????

      Joanna Young

      You're back reading books.

      This made me wonder how the twitter / reading swap was going?


      Carma Dutra

      I have never read "Cat's Cradle", but I will now.

      Yes there is a definite surge of remembrance of someone when they die. Usually that is a good thing.

      Roger von Oech

      John: I'm sure you'll find one. BTW: "Jonathan Rotenberg" is one I haven't heard in a long, long time. I met him in the early-to-mid 80s when I used to produce software conferences.

      Joanna: I never stopped reading. I've read four books in the past two weeks. I've stopped Twittering though. I wrote one update, perhaps I'll do another!

      Carma: There have to be better ways to promote a book than dying!

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