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Elvin Royce

Thanks for sharing this, It's nice to see what the CLIO people think is a winning effort.

Lewis Green


This is fabulously creative, with a simple sticky message at the end. I second your vote: Nice Job!


Hi Roger,
This film is extremely well directed (by Dario Piana) and post-produced (BUF post-production facility in Paris, one of the best french special effects company). It is innovating, fresh, fascinating, and definitely deserves a Grand Prize. Wonder if the creatives behind this had the idea while thinking "out of the box" or diving "into the tank".

Roger von Oech

Elvin & Lewis: Thanks for stopping by and sharing your enthusiasm for this ad.

Luc: Thanks for the more in-depth credits. Have you worked with any of those folks?


Yes... I produced a 3D animation with BUF for one of our clients. Extremely talented people, really. Crazy thing is that this ad (that I really liked a lot) was not used by client because they encountered problems with the distribution of the product at the time (sigh!).

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