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Valeria Maltoni

I love how the ingenuity of the designers allows you to see how something so easy can have such life saving impact. It gives a completely new meaning to design for the masses.


i like the idea of 'design the 90' a lot. i have known many bright, creative people who've wanted to use their talents to better the world...but go on to work in corporations at seemingly superficial jobs. perhaps, though, those are a "safe place" to hone their other skills at office politics, and all the steps and processes for bringing ideas to reality, etc-- so that later in life they can do the same for a cause. that is a pattern among many people on a grander scale too-- microsoft money pouring into literacy and library funding, etc.


good thoughts...


I think it is a very good idea. I would want one myself, just look at what happened in England, flooding, what is the first big problem (next to not drowning ofcourse)?
Yep, clean drinking water. Too bad that is doesn`t take out chemicals, for in the West
with floodings contamination with chemicals
will be very likely. So maybe a western version that also filters dangerous chemicals? We can afford a more expensive version. And we could donate a straw whn we buy one. I mean 3 dollars is cheap for a device that may save your live, we could easily pay 6 dollar and help somebody who will need it everyday.
Now the more important question would be, how long does it stay good when not used in the package?

I think that everybody should have one at home, or with them even, you never know in what situations you might end up in. Maybe a smaller version for emergency use? Which is easy to carry with you always.

As soon as I know where to buy them, I will certainly go and buy one. Although I would really like one that also takes care of dangerous chemicals.

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