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Liz Strauss

Excuse, me . . . um, could you go over that one more time? :)

Stephen Denny

Great post and great point. Simplicity above all.

Eric Herman

>>It's always a wonderful feeling when you find out that someone has used one of your products or books, and that it has been useful in stimulating their thinking.

Hey, Roger. I've been meaning to tell you that I referenced you twice in a recent blog article -

Very best,

Eric Herman

Whoops... I guess that link was too long. Well, the article is at and is currently the second post down, titled "The Return of the Return of the Son of the Bride of the Idea Tree".


genius and sadly too recognisable!


that's so complicated to understand! u could try a more easier jokes to understand in


when i saw the link for a Jesus joke, I was expecting something more along these lines:

Why can't Jesus ride the bus?
The exact change keeps falling through the holes in his hands.

or that one with the punchline "Paul....I can see your house from up here."


Funny, and sure, over-intellectualizing can take us away from experiencing life. But sometimes "what's actually happening" is happening in the world of the mind.

Pausing for thought can be a way of engaging with the nuances of life, a subtler and more gratifying response to situations than rushing into unconsidered action.

Sneha Abraham

i've heard variations of this joke and always appreciated it myself. if even god doesn't get it, perhaps we missed the point?


Wait wait wait!...
Are all "Jesus Jokes" so complicated?
It's wayyy to difficult for a "high school mind" to understand whatz meant by this article... A little simpler language and terminology would help make it more interesting:)
nyways... it was gud coz at least now i know dat i can READ buh not GET anything:p haha

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