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Tom Haskins

Perhaps that angel overlooking your garden functions like a muse that brings good things to your mind -- through the appreciation you have for what grows in her presence.


That happened to me. I was once cutting up a jalepeno instead of using the usual powdered cayenne. But this pepper just smelled like a regular green pepper, not hot at all! So I popped a slice into my mouth. I was pretty wrong. After running for the milk, I started plastering post-its full of ideas all over the kitchen.


Thanks for the tip on freezing the peppers, Roger. I love growing peppers because they yield so much fruit but the problem is that they do it over a couple of months. How many salivary glands can a guy wipe out in a summer? Now, I am going to plant more than the two or three because I have something I can do with them to "keep the creativity" and the "inner fire" going year round.


Dear Roger,
I live in Arizona, and have started 2 arbol chili's from seed. They are several months old about 18 inches tall but have not flowered or set fruit. How to do get them to produce chili's?
Hope to hear from you.


I live in the UK and an growing habanero`s for the first time and finding them a little tricky as to what they require water wise, have you any tips on how much water they need per day or week, i have them growing in a poly tunnel [plastic greenhouse] so no great british weather [rain] gets to them

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