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i remember trying out ways to use the internet in the classroom 12 (!) years ago. i was a lowly TA in grad school, and the professors in my department (English) didn't want much to do with it, except those in media studies, and (interestingly) a medievalist. the rest felt networked classrooms belonged in the computer science dept. such a great opportunity to experiment on my end!

big picture is not my problem; i am a natural at that part. i have a harder time with the building-foundations-under-the-castles part. within this particular metaphor, it would have taken me ages to decide where to lay the tracks and what to put on the train, because i would see so many possibilities!

perhaps it would be better if i looked at the big picture outside my own bigger-picture for a lead?

Free to think, Free to believe

But in other ways he grasped the sheer concreteness of what it was about. And let's face it those other things that the train brought did not just happen - they slowly grew and if was an awkward bumpkin - he may never have used them even if they became accessible to him...

Sometimes folk see the implications but don't see the responsibilities that also grow out of them - I once refused to let someone have my login and passwrod at work only to be ticked off by my supervisor (who to be fair did come back and say I'd done the right thing...)

The big picture is only that, and without folk filling in their small details where would we be?

Roger von Oech

Shelbey: Interesting take. This world was built by imaginative people who were able to take their new ideas, and get into a practical frame of mind and make those ideas happen.

FtTFtB: "without folk filling in their small details where would we be?" Indeed, so!


I have experienced complaints from all my employers regarding my tendency to go into details rather than seeing the big picture.
I work in client service for advertising, so I really need to see also the big picture!
I need a reco for a fast "harmonization" of my instinct for details and my need for big picture.

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