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Tim Siedell

Just when I convince myself that I don't need one you pull me back in! Aargh!

Cam Beck

For some reason I keep getting the image in my brain of Jim Carrey from "Bruce Almighty."

"And he saw that it was GOOOOOOOOD!!

Lewis Green

So, Roger, now that you have your iPhone do we need to stay out of your way when you're on the highway? Seriously, it sounds like a great experience and what more can a product or service prodide?

Liz Strauss

Oh Roger!
Why'd you do that? Now I have iPhone envy. :)


Rodger, glad to hear you are enjoying it. When it was first announced I knew it would be a good idea for my business to invest, yes I said invest in one. One of the reasons we got it was the Internet feature as part of our work is web development as well as audio and video podcasting services.

Another business use in dealing with clients is showing content, connecting to the Internet in hard to reach places plus it's come in handy during networking meetings as a conversation starter, etc.

Mark McGuinness

"Recursive fun" - the best kind.

Tim, Liz - come to London, no iphones here to tempt you...

Paul McEnany


I must say I'm envious. I've met two iphones so far, and they live up to their billing, that's for sure!

Valeria Maltoni

The first thing that Dave C. Josh Hallett and Dave Parmet did at blog|Philadelphia was put down their iPhones on the table and take a picture of them side by side. I'm not kidding. Follow the link to the photos in my first post or through the wiki and see for yourselves.

They are sleek.


Please try to find a way to talk about buying into hype that doesn't trivialize the deaths of 900+ people:

Roger von Oech

It's now been nearly a week since I got the iPhone, and my enthusiasm for this product has only increased. Indeed, I bought my wife Wendy one and she's excited about it as well.

Valeria, Paul, Mark, Patrick, Liz, Lewis, Cam, and Tim: Thanks for your comments and observations.

Janet: Jonestown happened nearly 30 years ago: November, 1978. Very soon after, it became a metaphor for blind adherence to a cult's beliefs. The term "drinking the Kool-Aid" has been associated with Apple at least as early as the year prior to the introduction of the Macintosh in January, 1984.

Troy Worman

Egads! I was trying to avoid looking directly at the little beast. Even now, after only a brief glimpse, I'm finding myself drawn to it.

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