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Cam Beck

Ahhh! The only way that cartoon could be more complete is if it included a panel showing Gore driving his 3-ton SUV to the airport to fly to his mansion that consumes more resources in a month than average people do in a year! :)

[puts on flame-retardant suit]

Tim Siedell

You have once again proven yourself to be a visionary.

That cartoon is hilarious!

Roger von Oech

Cam: Thanks for suggesting an additional panel. It's just too bad that an ILB qua "inspiration symbol" has to be part of the GW debate.

Tim: Yes, good creativity on the part of the cartoon's creators.

Personally, I'm agnostic on this issue. I am not a "Global Warming" advocate, and certainly not a "Fear-Based Global Warming" advocate. It troubles me how politicized the debate has become — sort of like "Pro-Life" vs. "Abortion Rights" discussions.

I'm all for creating products that require less energy consumption. This makes sense not only from a national security point of view, but also from an aesthetic/design point of view.

But I'm not buying into the "Enviro-Sharia" of some of the "Global Warming Fear" advocates. Some of that smacks a bit of fascism.

The point here in this post is that I'm glad I don't have an ILB on the cover of the next edition of "Whack" so that the book won't even be brought into that controversy.

Cam Beck

What's the release date of your new book, Roger?

Roger von Oech

Cam: It's the 25th Anniversary Edition of "A Whack on the Side of the Head." It'll come out next spring (2008).

The publisher is Business Plus, an imprint of Grand Central. It's the same publisher as ever: Warner Books. Two years ago, Time-Warner sold Warner Books to Hachette Publishing, a French publishing conglom. Warner Books had to change their name, and the new name is Grand Central Publishing.

I'm excited. I've updated and revised it, and it's a smaller trim size: 8.25" x 5.5". Thank you for asking.


Hi Roger!
I've been trying to think of a visual image to replace the lightbulb after reading your original post on this topic. It's not easy! One that keeps popping up, though, is the cat: I like this because it's often associated with curiosity, which for me gets pretty close to the source of the innovation process.

Valeria Maltoni

Gordon: What if you're allergic to cats? ;-)

Roger: I've been thinking that I need a copy of your Creative Whack Pack and a Ball of Whacks for my office. I got a gift certificate for Amazon on my birthday, when I get a chance, I'll order. Great cartoon!

Cam: insightful comment.

Roger von Oech

Gordon and Valeria: Now "a cat inside a thought bubble" would an interesting an interesting symbol. I like the curiosity angle. But for some guys it might be interpreted in some other more lascivious ways.

Shakespeare's Fool

Creativity is central to the global warming controversy.
No creativity, no use of fossil fuels.
No creativity, no creation of arguments about the use of fossil fules.
No creativity, no invention of ways to use energy without creating co2.
There is NO ESCAPE!


On topic........
I love the cartoon.
I also like the concept of your blog.
I came here to leave a message (see below). But, because of the uniqueness of your site, I am also adding you to my blogroll.

Off topic............
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