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Bob Glaza

That DARN Eric Tipton...if only he had been using a 3rd machine. Let the government be forewarned...better get a back up going - PRONTO!
Thanks for keeping us up to speed Roger :)

Roger Anderson

What happened to the other Internets that President Bush always talks about? Did all of them go down?

Thanks Rog.


WOW!!! Congrats!

Robert Hruzek

Gee, that would mean we actually have to use, you know, a telephone to actually, er, talk to people?!

Aauugh! (Sound of brain exploding!)

Timothy Johnson

Thanks for the call-out, Roger, but I gotta give credit where it's due. The Z-List artwork was the brilliance of Sandy Renshaw over at Purple Wren.

Congrats on the success of your latest project.

Sean Howard


Nice work, Roger!!!

David Reich

Very funny. Thanks for passing it along.

Mr. Zeus

The Onion scores again! And this naturally leads to a great "what if?".

What if there were no internet?

Would I have more time because I spend so much time crawling the net?

Or would I have less time because the internet allows me to efficiently access information and effectively communicate with others.

Being only 22, I've had access to the net my entire conscious life practically. Would any of you prefer to go back to a time without the net?

Phil Gerbyshak

Hilarious Roger! Thanks for sharing this.

Who knew that 103 people could take the Interweb down? Not Al Gore, that's who!

Gavin Heaton

Good to see that the Internet can crumble under the weight of a good idea ;)

Shaping Youth

Nice job integrating the headline into a technorati tag ping! Great execution; want to give us a hand at Shaping Youth? We could sure use your talents to get the 'good' to rise to the top! Bravo.

As both a Creative Director who's used the 'whack pack' and an Age of Conversation co-author (perhaps the token nonprofit in our 103?) I've got to say, it reinforces my thinking that nonprofits MUST align with branding and marketing gurus to keep from talking to ourselves in an echo chamber if we want to be change agents on a massive scale.

This YouTube/Onion News Network web crash bit was hilarious...piggybacking onto it for AOC, brilliant...AND just coming from the YPulse conference, I've gotta tell ya, it's not so far from the truth in terms of multi-tasking; might even be prescient!

Thanks Roger, for great buzz and brand building to benefit the kids! --Amy Jussel

Carolyn Manning

Wonderful video, Roger. On top of that, Amy's right about the marketing genius you're displaying here. Excuse me now. I must finish wiping Bob's brains from my screen and go think about how I can become a marketing genius, too.

David Berkowitz

I didn't think tubes could crash.

Steve Woodruff

Sorry, Todd Andrlik - you're going to have to start over with your Top 150. And new we all get to start over with a zero-based Technorati rank!

Free to think, Free to believe

Does that mean it was a success or failure?

I can reach back to a time when the internet was barely on the horizon, and unless there is a relaxing on smoking bans in pubs - then I guess it's here to stay...

Roger von Oech

Yeah, it's a fun video. With more than a little truth in it.

Mr. Zeus: If there were no Internet, perhaps there would be more reading and fewer cases of AADD (Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder). Not a bad trade-off.

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