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Stephen Denny

Roger: great meeting up with you yesterday -- many thanks for the well-deserved whack in the side of the head (figuratively, for now) re getting the writing underway, too.

By the way, who's that guy in the photo? Looks like Rip Torn's police mugshot... yikes, the people you meet on the street in Palo Alto...

Ann Handley

Yeah -- who *is* that guy...? The real Stephen Denny looks far more buttoned up....

How awesome that you two connected. Nice write-up Roger, and for the record... I agree: Denny turns a phrase quite well.

(Thanks for the shout, SD!)

Valeria Maltoni


Funny, I wrote about you at The Blog Herald Friday sending people who want to get creative here ;-) Good choice of person to meet and write about.

Stephen is one of my favorite writers, he strikes just the right balance on humor and wake up call. His series on killing giants was particularly good -- I'm glad he's working on a book about it.


Thank you for the shout. You are very kind. I cannot visit you in Palo Alto right now... we should visit soon anyway.

Lewis Green


Wow! It's funny how we connect through this social medium. All of Stephen's favorite bloggers represent those I would also mention. Thank you for sharing.

By the way, I began to rely on your post reminders. I hope you continue to send them my way.


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