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      Harold Minton

      These are lots of fun. They're the kind of "diagrams" that "information-visualization" expert Edward Tufte gets off on.

      Jorge Castillo

      It's very interesting to know about these photo finishes! Making an analogy with the business world, in races as in customer satisfaction the smallest detail can make the whole difference. Thanks Roger!


      As a proud Jamaican, I have to point out that Veronica Campbell is from and competes for Jamaica, not Canada.

      Roger von Oech

      Harold: I agree: these photo-finish "diagrams" are information rich.

      Jorge: Thanks for stopping by. Small details do make a big difference.

      Michael: Thanks for the correction (since made on the main post). I must have had Canadian sprinters on the brain this morning. Congratulations to the Jamaican sprinters.

      BTW: The 4 x 100 Women's Relay between the United States and Jamaica should be quite competitive.


      It would be interesting to graphically display the results of election races in a similar manner!

      Matthew Cornell

      Neat! I'm a fan of effective visualizations. Here's a site I've enjoyed in the past, BTW:

      information aesthetics

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