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Luc Debaisieux

Wow Roger... this must be quite a location. Plus I suppose that from a cultural point of view the journey must be fresh and insightful.

James Lynch

As a Canadian who has lived in Bogota I will find it refreshing when the foreigners who visit Bogota and then write about it, won't need to start off with the typical...people expect to see Pablo Escobar on every corner...just a thought.

Roger von Oech

Luc: Yeah, Bogota is certainly worth a visit!

James: Good point. It will be nice when drugs and Escobar are the 10th things first-time visiting Americans think of before they arrive. Stereotypes die hard. As my host, Santiago Zapata, put it, "Most foreign visitors are blown away on their first trip here because the bar for their expectations is so low." I hope to return to Bogota again. I had a good experience there!


Love the photos on this entry as well as the words. We just saw the French opera, Platee, and so we are up much later than I normally am. Interestingly, I could get subtitles in Spanish or English here. It was campy and very creative in its choreography and costumes, really all of it. I don't think I will make it to Columbia (Colombia) and so I appreciate your insights about it. Personalizes what the news says, and that is very helpful!

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