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Valeria Maltoni

Oh my, the joke reminds me of the many European jokes growing up. There were always assorted nationalities and punch lines for each. Rasputin's story has long been part of my favorites for mystery and intrigue.

Fred  Mitchell

What a fun coincidence, we are in Worthington, OH helping our son move in to OWU, & I am reading your blog from Russia. And I've enjoyed both!

Mark McGuinness

Thanks Roger, St Petersburg's one of my 'must see' places - I'll get there one day, thanks for whetting my appetite still more.

You might like this poem about St Petersburg by Stephen Wilson which I published in Magma magazine last year, it mentions the Hermitage and Church on Spilled Blood. Conservation Studio: Hermitage

Roger von Oech

Valeria: I, also, have long been curious about the Rasputin story and murder. From our Russian guide, though, we got a much different -- and less damning -- interpretation of Rasputin's influence and final days.

Fred: Thanks. Glad to hear your enjoying your time in my home town!

Mark: Thanks for the link to the poem. I enjoyed it and its Russian references.


this is a great entry- I esp enjoyed the action figure set up- thought Rasputin is usually portrayed as so crazy and strange... the still figure seems rather calm in comparison. love the joke. why aren't there more immigrants coming into Russia from other countries? hmmm. have a good trip home!

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