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      Thomas Clifford

      Hi Rodger!

      Congratulations and Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

      Your site certainly is hot! I wish you the very best for another hot year of hot posts :-)

      Robert Hruzek

      Roger, congratulations on the milestone!

      Can't stay long - my eyes are watering and lips are already burning from seeing the photos of those killer peppers! :-D

      Maria Helm

      OOoooh, nice. I love using those in my salsa. What did you use to chop all those? They looks like they came out really evenly chopped. (I haven't found a chopper I like for them, but if I chop more than 4 by hand, I can't touch my face for a few days!)

      Jorge Castillo

      Those habaneros look really DELICIOUS! Congrats for the anniversary and for the harvest!

      Luc Debaisieux

      Congratulations Roger and thank you for sharing so much with us via your blog! I once did bite one of these left by mistake with sweet peppers in a summer salad. Terrifying experience. Now simply looking at them is still scary. ; )

      Paul McEnany

      Congrats, Roger! Seems like just yesterday...

      Roger von Oech

      Tom: Thanks for the kind remarks.

      Robert: Thanks as well!

      Maria: Well, I didn't chop them with a knife when I cut three or four habaneros. For this larger job, I used an electric chopper.

      Jorge: Muchas gracias.

      Luc: Habs are hot, that's for sure.

      Paul: Thanks for the best wishes, and thanks for all the help a year ago getting things set up!

      Valeria Maltoni

      Congratulations, Roger. Buon compleanno to your blog. Those do look yummy!

      Lewis Green


      Congatulations and thank you for all the wonderful posts over the past year.

      Shakespeare's Fool


      Shakespeare's Fool


      Mark McGuinness

      Congratulations Roger! Many happy returns.

      The pic reminds me of the time I was daft enough to take part in an informal chilli eating contest... probably the kind of thing you only do once!


      Mmmmm...Mama!!! I've got a hot mouth, but cool enough to say happy blogiversary!

      Roger von Oech

      Lewis, John, Valeria, Mark, Robyn: Thanks for the kind wishes!


      Congrats on your one year anniversary! I remember finding this blog early on and being very excited for it.


      Timothy Johnson

      A year already?!?!?!?! (sniff... sniff... they grow up so fast)

      Congratulations Roger and here's to many more years on the blogosphere!

      Eric P

      Roger, congratulations on the one year anniversary.

      I've just come across your blog but was an early reader of "A Whack on the side of the head".

      And best of all I love hot food. Your pepper photos are wonderful. Keep sending out some virtual taste treats to the blogisphere won't you!

      Mack Collier

      I'm sure it's because you are so good at blogging, but I honestly thought your blog was 2-3 years old. Here's too many more successful years, as Creative Think has been a bit of fresh air in the blogosphere!

      Roger von Oech

      L. Vasquez, Timothy, Eric, Mack: Thanks for the very kinds words. Much appreciated. Good luck to all of you!

      david armano

      How the heck did I miss this? I must have "too much on my plate" or too many belt loops. Either one.


      I still remember the first day we connected Roger. Totally out of the blue. And you didn't even have a blog back then!

      You've come a long way. And the peppers look great. Send some my way :)

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