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      Harold Blitzer

      These maps are really informative -- and lots of fun to boot!

      Jorge Castillo

      This kind of graphic is very explicit. Is playing with toys an important issue in the development of a country population? What kind of toys do kids in the third world use? Is it that Chinese kids don't like that kind of toys or is it that they just can't afford them? Can third world countries produce toys that their own kids can play with? Just to think about ...

      Roger von Oech

      Harold: I agree.

      Jorge: You ask a lot of good questions. With reard to my own products, the Ball of Whacks: my (Chinese) manufacturer told me that it probably wouldn't well in China (except for affluent sections of cities like Beijing and Shanghai) because of its price.

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      Scaled to revenue. What is the $$ amount of the sale of Chinese made toys to the United States, and how does that relate to the inter-country balance of trade $$?

      A comparison to arms sales/purchases world-wide viz a vez toys would be intriguing!

      tim kelly

      Interesting take and use of maps. It's funny, a couple of months before the whole brouhaha over Chinese toys occurred, my four year old son, out of the blue and in accordance with nothing I noticed going on at the time, said to me, "Daddy, I love China.". While I was a little taken aback at the randomness of the comment, I asked why that was. His response was, "Because they make all my toys." Apparently he'd been looking at the bottom of his toys for quite some time.

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