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Cam Beck

QVC and HSN carries a lot of marketing clout in my household. And I have the kitchen gadgets face creams to prove it. Sadly, I didn't see your spot, but since I already have a BOW, I'll have just be happy for you for this amazing accomplishment!



Roger von Oech

Cam: "QVC carries a lot of marketing clout in my household."

I was impressed by QVC's professionalism. It was also fun watching the presentations for the other products. Some interesting merchandise.

Matt J.

Wow! Congrats!

Lewis Green


This is incredible! Congratulations. By the way, your headline is quite provocative. Are you trying to attract an audience from the "adult" web world? (LOL)

Liz Strauss

That is sooo coool!
Congratulations!! You are a mogul!

Roger von Oech

Matt, Lewis, and Liz: Thanks for the good wishes. And no, Lewis, I'm not trying to seduce folks from the "adult" web world. It's just that "Balls" (rather than "Balls of Whacks") fit better into my space.

Paul McEnany

Nice! Congratulations!

Nathania Johnson

Congratulations, Roger! That's awesome :)

Luc Debaisieux

Hey Roger,

That's amazing. I understand that living this experience from the production/seller side is indeed quite different. Proves that this medium and the prescription via a trusted/known person do help boost the sales. Many learnings to get from there. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!


You should hold a competition with a ball as prize =)

Jeff Mordan

Congratulations, Roger.
Is there any word on whether you are going to have a second crack at QVC in the future?
Sounds like part of the show "Blow Out" about the Jonathan Product. Any word on a reality show on your life?


I bet you it was an awesome feeling, selling 4000 balls in 5 minutes. Now, you properly want to do it as offen as you can get the chance too. Congradulations.


Mario Vellandi

That's awesome!
Usually getting in with QVC or HSN can be quite difficult, as one has to really persuade sell-ability AND your production/logistics capability. But hey...They came to you. And that's much different. Congratulations!

ann michael

That is so cool - even cooler that we can get the BofW in colors now!

It's always the first thing my kids pick up when they come in my office to talk to me!

Roger von Oech

Paul, Nathania, Luc, Tomas, Jeff, Fadhel, Mario, Ann: Thanks to you for your kind words. It was fun!

Shakespeare's Fool

That's great!


Hi. Love this toy, seriously love it. Is there any thing I can do about the white pock marks that have developed on the surface of the pieces above the magnets?

Gerard Toland

hey roger great story it is amazing what results media promotion can produce.

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