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Mark McGuinness



"Canada, like USA but better"

"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear has to be in Canada."

"Canada, we gave the world Celine Dion...but we also produced Gretzky so we can call it even."

"Canada, the last American wildlife"

"Canada is like J-lo's butt...big and useless but it sure is pretty!"

"Canada, where you can see the stars."

I could go on but I guess I'll leave room for others.

[rhymes with kerouac]

Canada: Mostly Harmless Since 1867


Canada: Where every night is Hockey Night...


I actually think it's pretty good, and coming from Australia I understand how vastness can define a country.

Just Me

Canada, check it out -eh?

Lee Jenkins

I recently saw a T-shirt that read, "Canada — America's hat". I guess that would make Mexico our shoes?

Bryan Loar

Contradictio ex Mare ut Mare (Contradictions from Sea to Sea)
--based on Andy's post @ I, Extomorph

Saurabh Garg

I like "Canada, check it out -eh?" by pablojeffress

My version would be "Do you know Canada yet?"

Not funny but should attract people to explore things.


"Canada. We're not just ho's and hockey players anymore."

Or maybe, "Like Switzerland but without all the excitement."

"Come check out the 51st state."

"Birthplace of the mullet."

Possibly, "Canada: it's foreign, but you can still drive there."

... must go, the sarcasm in my IV drip is running low...

Rick Lightburn

I don't think entries should be allowed unless you can recall the Motto of the U.S.A. and also explain why it DOESN'T need to be changed.

Hamish M

Canada, Living the American Dream

Saw that on a t-shirt :p


Can-A-Da....because it was easier than trying to bottle it

David Raftery

My suggestion for a motto
"12 O'Clock in BC, 5:30 in Newfoundland"

Gary Johnson

CANADA - The Laugh Place on Earth !


CANADAC - sea to sea ( C to C )




Can a country be such a good refuge for foreigners as USA is? Of course, it can. Canada, like USA but much better.

The ones of the redcout aren't the best ones in soccer, but what about hockey?

Canada, land of support & peace!

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