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Cam Beck

Strangely enough, a toilet. I didn't quite find the answer I was looking for, but for the subject I think I'm pretty darned close.

Gavin Heaton

Standing on a ladder. Looking down gave me a new perspective.

Shakespeare's Fool

OT, and you have most likely already seen this, but on the off
chance that you haven't"

Jeff Mordan

When looking for a story about monkeys in a cage to help me explain technology innovations to the staff within my school, I found a blog from an author of a book I was supposed to read in college but never did. The simple and great ideas on the site help me look at problems differently and encourage me to extend creativity beyond my artwork into my new position as an Information Technology Artist/Teacher.
I ended up putting on small tecnology plays about each innovation using the staff as actors. This unexpected way of sharing information make everyone laugh and taught them something new.

Roger von Oech

Cam and Gavin: Here's a combine -- put a ladder over the toilet. See where that leads your thinking!

John: Thanks for the link. Interesting Edison article.

Jeff: Good story. Thanks. You've got an interesting website. I like your provocative art!

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