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David Warner

As a music geek, I have to point out the fantastic performance in Blow-Up by the Yardbirds in their post-Clapton line-up, with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page (a band clearly weak on guitarists). This song is one of the early touchstones for punk, predating the first Stooges album by 3 years. And a great movie to boot.

Roger von Oech

David: Right you are. Here's a YouTube link to a four-minute clip of the Yardbirds playing in "Blow-Up."

Roger von Oech

Speaking of music, Jerry Garcia fans, here's a link to seven minutes of pure guitar joy.

This is his music for the "Love Scene in the desert" about 2/3 of the way through "Zabriskie Point." The original video was standard color film. This video looks like it has been run through an animated wash process.


It's funny you mention Blow Up, as it was mentioned to me a few months ago by someone at work and keeps reappearing. Sounds like a great film.

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