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Katie Konrath

Well, top of my head, it would definitely open up a new market for scissors!


To be honest...the first thing that comes to my mind is how it would I'm sure I don't have to go into further detail and that everybody have it visualized allready.

That aside I think that the term "slight of hand" would become more complex. More rappers would probably spell out their name with rings.

Personally I think we'd have more use of an opposable pinkey instead of another thumb. Today we don't need extra strenght in our hand as much as extra agility.

The biggest impact I think it would have on science. We are "crippled" by the fact that we teach childrens to count only to 10 on their fingers. More complex numbers at an early age must surely develop more mathematical minds and thus more advanced science.

But the most fun would definatly be the sex!


One could play a video game control with just one hand if we had two thumbs on one. That opens up the other for doing whatever it wants, like taking a drink. ;)

I wonder how we would write? Maybe thumbs gripping on the pen or pencil? But then those other five fingers in the way...


The real question is would animators STILL insist upon giving their charaters only 4 fingers because it's easier to draw...

Kris Bordessa

There would be more demand for yarn as knitters worked to create 7 fingered mittens to keep all of those digits warm.

Wrapping a package and tying it with a bow would be much easier. The extra fingers would prevent children having to lend a one to "hold this knot" during the Christmas season.

You could twiddle your thumbs and drive at the same time.

It *might* eliminate carpal tunnel, if a person could type with one hand only and alternate hands as one got tired.

tan choon boon

The entire glove industry would have to rebuild their tooling. The cost of rubber would go up 'cos of the 40% surge in fingers per hand. Rubber producing countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil would laugh all the way to the bank.

Roger von Oech

Katie: "scissors" -- at least the handle part. How might a stronger grip have an impact on the shape(s) of the cutting parts? Interesting to think about.

Tomas: "Sex" -- yes! the possibilities. I like your "rapper ring name-spelled-out" idea.

Jenny: Maybe pens and pencils wouldn't have to be straight. Perhaps a curvier design?

Fitz: Maybe the new convention for animators would be "six-fingered" characters!

Kris: I like your "carpal tunnel" suggestion. Perhaps instead of keyboards, we had "key spheres" which we would squeeze to input information.

Tan: The glove industry would indeed be a winner!


As someone in retail, I'd love it! I could fit more stock in my hands and put more things in the shelves faster! However sad you might think that is, that would rock for me!


Jewelers could join hands or fingers with the glove industry! Another digit for rings!
Hunt and peck keyboarding would change. Finger crocheting would evolve, and all of the medical journals would have to adapt! Opposable thumbs would have new meaning!

Lewis Green

We would be fabulous shortstops and great receivers.

Karl Boggs

Brass instruments could have 5 valves, violins could have 6 strings, clarinets, flutes and recorders would get really complex....

It would take 40% longer to lick your fingers.

Sing language may become more challenging.

Hand shadow puppets could do more things. Manicurists would be in high demand....

Alina Popescu

I guess if this were to happen over night, the plastic surgery will have more clients. One more thing to obsess about, along with with nose dimension, wrinkles and bra size :)

Oh, and hand shaped ashtrays (they used to be really popular in Romania) would be so much more efficient :P


Well i guess the extra thumb would come in handy. I sliced through my thumb nail a couple of nights ago at work and now can't use my right hand for a while.


I would think, that by having two thumbs we would begin to try handling to things in one hand (think of cooking, plugging, plumbing etc)


The order of the letters on our keyboards would be completely different. Maybe the keyboards on our mobile phones would be different too. Phones such as the Blackberry would be bigger (assuming our fingers would still be the same size, making our hands bigger) and anything with handles would be different (bicycles, cars...). We would definitively have a base 14 numeric system since the arabic numeral system is based on the fact that we have 10 fingers and it was easier that way (even the romans had a different symbol for 1, 5 and 10). Hand made products would also be different, and this would change the fashion industry. So many changes.


what if you wanted to give someone a thumbs up, or a thumbs down? and how would you punch the table in a meeting? and if you wanted to show someone "the finger", which would it be? it would certainly enhance foreplay! and guitar playing! nah, 5 fingers feel just right, all round.


haiku's inventor
must have had seven fingers
on his middle hand


Well.. I just can't imagine having seven fingers.. our hands would be huge!!! We would have a very different world.. I mean.. it's just two more fingers.. but that's a really big deal!!!

Nate D.

You'll give people a HIGH 7!

E Bayley

Coffee cups would have to have larger handles to accommodate and extra finger and thumb. Wine glass stems would be longer.
Can openers would be totally different and the way we used utensils would change.
Steering wheels may become just curved bars so you didn't become "tangled up".
Golf clubs and tennis racquets and the likes may be shaped differently which may well change the way the sports are played.
Shot-put, discus, netball and cricket would be better with greater ball control.
Making origami and solving the Rubiks Cube would be much easier!!
Braiding your hair would be easier - although more fingers in the mix may not be such a good thing!

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